ESG Values

Social, Governance
(ESG) Statement

We have integrated ESG into our operations.


At National Capital Business Park (NCBP), we are committed to creating and integrating sustainability and resiliency into our project that creates value and will benefit our clients and residents. Our approach is to assist our clients and partners in implementing advanced methods and technologies to reduce adverse environmental impact and resource consumption. NCBP also believes in giving back to our communities and reinvesting in Prince George’s County. We strive to be good neighbors and have prioritized the creation of parks and public green spaces in our project. Finally, the managing partners of NCBP believe governance practices to be essential to creating and preserving value for its shareholders and other stakeholders. The NCBP team believes in teamwork and collaboration and that we work best when we all work together. We promote innovation, creativity, and initiative for the betterment of our project, our industry and our customers.


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